Jason + Scott

We ended our year with Jason + Scott on the beach for an intimate family wedding. I honestly don't even know what to say about these two, they were SO sweet and you could feel how much they love each other. So dapper. SO kind. Those are pretty much our favorite things. Oh, and matching Cartier rings? Yes, please!

Jason works for the Parks department, so tying the knot on a natural beach really meant a lot to him, and it was gorgeous out, so I think it worked for everyone. We ended with cake at the Twisted Vine in downtown Fort Myers, another favorite of the couples'. These are our favorite weddings; at your favorite places, with your favorite people, with our favorite kind of love.



Olivia + Kevin's Engagement Session

SOOOOO its been a bit since we blogged anything. Ya know, just having that second baby, recentering our home-base back in FL, trying to live as much of our lives with our kids... it's a lot! We've been shooting a lot of dope stuff, so we hope you can forgive us if we back log some sweet posts. That being said, we think Olivia + Kevin are the perfect people to get our groove back with.

These two are SO dang cute. We didn't know that before this photo session...they had never kissed on camera before and were incredibly nervous. I think you can tell that by the end of our hanging out they were totally cool with it! 

Kate and Mac's Biltmore Estate Wedding

Kate and Mac's wedding at the Biltmore Estate was one of the all-around happiest weddings we've ever done. Everyone was smiling from start to finish, especially our gushing bride! They definitely went out of their way to make sure their reception at Deerpark was a party for their guests. A meandering mariachi band, corntoss, jumbo jenga, and to top everything off, the evening culminated with the entire party dancing the Jarabe Tapatío! You've got to see these, we loved these people.

Planner - Asheville Event Co

Videographer - 2 Cents Film

DJ - A Bride's DJ

Mariachi - The Mobile Hombres

Dinner & Cake - Biltmore

Carrie and Blakes Lake Lure Wedding

We last saw Carrie & Blake in Charleston, we absolutely loved their engagement session earlier this year, (check that out here). These two have such a great love for each other, and you can feel that love in how much fun they have with each other. It's really great to be around. Their big day started with an amazing bridal brunch at the Lodge on Lake Lure, followed by the ceremony & reception at Rumbling Bald Resort on Lake Lure. We've gotta be straight with you - their reception was so much fun it was ridiculous. Everybody was dancing, and the entire party hit up the photobooth at least a few times, and everything culminated with a great sparkler exit at the end of the night.

We hope you enjoy these two as much as we did, look forward for more posts from us soon!


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Gil and Nick's Lake Lure Inn Wedding

Hey gang! We hope you are all enjoying the holidays! This little treat is the product of an amazing couple, gorgeous details, and a day of romance. You might remember from our engagement session in Charlotte with Gil and Nick (and if not, check it out on Borrowed + Blue here) were married at the Lake Lure Inn and Spa in Lake Lure, NC. Every detail reflected their impeccable style, blending modern romance with a touch of vintage style. This celebration touched our hearts and fed our passion for beautiful things. Pay special attention to the Bride's dress and hair; but don't leave the Groom's dapper details out during your perusal either.

Love, us.

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Historic Koreshan Park Bridal Session

1002-Houghton Bridal Session-2015
1003-Houghton Bridal Session-2015
1004-Houghton Bridal Session-2015
1005-Houghton Bridal Session-2015
1006-Houghton Bridal Session-2015
1007-Houghton Bridal Session-2015
1008-Houghton Bridal Session-2015
1009-Houghton Bridal Session-2015
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1011-Houghton Bridal Session-2015

Jill & Nick's Uptown Charlotte Valentine's Day Engagement session

Adorable! That's the word to describe this amazing Uptown Charlotte engagement session. We cannot say enough about the sweetness that is Jill & Nick. What a fantastic couple! They are from Port St. Lucie, Florida and will be getting married at the Lake Lure Inn & Spa in October! We know it will be one to remember and absolutely cannot wait! Jill & Nick are not only hilarious and stylish, but so FUN to shoot! We spent a great evening on Valentine's Day exploring the stalls at the public market and several scenic blocks of Charlotte. With an engagement shoot like this, we are dancing with excitement about their upcoming wedding.

Between cupcakes and Champagne, the always hip 7th Street Public Market,  breathtaking views in Uptown Charlotte, and the ridiculously adorable couple this striking engagement shoot has stolen our hearts.

1001-Jill and Nick-Uptown Charlotte Engagement
1002-Jill and Nick-Uptown Charlotte Engagement
1003-Jill and Nick-Uptown Charlotte Engagement
1004-Jill and Nick-Uptown Charlotte Engagement
1005-Jill and Nick-Uptown Charlotte Engagement
1007-Jill and Nick-Uptown Charlotte Engagement
1008-Jill and Nick-Uptown Charlotte Engagement
1009-Jill and Nick-Uptown Charlotte Engagement
1010-Jill and Nick-Uptown Charlotte Engagement
1011-Jill and Nick-Uptown Charlotte Engagement
1012-Jill and Nick-Uptown Charlotte Engagement
1013-Jill and Nick-Uptown Charlotte Engagement
1014-Jill and Nick-Uptown Charlotte Engagement
1015-Jill and Nick-Uptown Charlotte Engagement
1016-Jill and Nick-Uptown Charlotte Engagement
1017-Jill and Nick-Uptown Charlotte Engagement
1018-Jill and Nick-Uptown Charlotte Engagement
1020-Jill and Nick-Uptown Charlotte Engagement

At one point, Nick stopped everything to tie his fiance's untied boot. It. Was. The. Sweetest. These two. Amazing.

1021-Jill and Nick-Uptown Charlotte Engagement
1022-Jill and Nick-Uptown Charlotte Engagement