Soriano Family Shoot

Lovely does not begin to describe this family! Beautiful inside and out, we feel so lucky to have been able to capture their warmth and smiles. We LOVE how the boys dressed themselves, and how amazing the settings were at the Anne Springs Close Greenway, outside Charlotte, NC. You also may recognize Anthony and Liz from last year's Villapando wedding, and we hope to see more of these great friends in the future!1001-2014-04-22-Soriano Blog1002-2014-04-22-Soriano Blog1021-2014-04-22-Soriano Blog1020-2014-04-22-Soriano Blog1019-2014-04-22-Soriano Blog1018-2014-04-22-Soriano Blog1017-2014-04-22-Soriano Blog1016-2014-04-22-Soriano Blog1014-2014-04-22-Soriano Blog1013-2014-04-22-Soriano Blog1012-2014-04-22-Soriano Blog1011-2014-04-22-Soriano Blog1010-2014-04-22-Soriano Blog1009-2014-04-22-Soriano Blog1008-2014-04-22-Soriano Blog1007-2014-04-22-Soriano Blog1006-2014-04-22-Soriano Blog1005-2014-04-22-Soriano Blog1004-2014-04-22-Soriano Blog1003-2014-04-22-Soriano Blog