Camping in Charleston, South Carolina!

Ashley and I recently took a short camping trip to Charleston, South Carolina. It was our first time to Charleston, and our first time camping together! How could we have been married as long as we have without any camping?! Charleston was the perfect place for it. there were way too many amazingly beautiful sights to see and experience for such a short amount of time.

We started our day at the Angel Oak, just outside of downtown on Johns Island. This thing has to be seen to be believed. Definitely something I would recommend experiencing, it was humbling to touch something so old! From there we set up camp (yes, we DID bring our Trek & Tern studios mug!) and left for James Island. We started exploring downtown, strolled around aimlessly taking in all the little details of the city and we didn't stop walking until sunset. We started near the pier and breathtaking old houses, streets, alleys, and gardens. Queen Street, South Battery Street, The Pink House, and too many vintage cars to count. We were beyond ecstatic to finish the evening at the Charleston Music hall for the Secret Sisters/Iron & Wine concert! James Island is not to be missed. We look forward to visiting and shooting there again soon.

Here are just a few of our favorite shots from the day, we shot A LOT more. Couples: insert yourself into any of these shots and more!101-Charleston102-Charleston103-Charleston104-Charleston105-Charleston106-Charleston107-Charleston108-Charleston109-Charleston110-Charleston111-Charleston112-Charleston113-Charleston114-Charleston115-Charleston116-Charleston117-Charleston118-Charleston119-Charleston120-Charleston