We ca not thank you enough for choosing Frantz Photography. We sincerely hope that we provided you not only with the best photographs you could hope for, but that we made it possible for you to remember your wedding day beautifully. 

If you've been thrilled with our services, please take just a few minutes out of your day to let us know how we did! We're always striving to be better, and knowledge is power. We've tried to make the following survey as painless as possible, but just in case you'll receive a $10 print credit when you're all finished!

Thank you so so much! We love you!

~J & A

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Before the big day... *
Before the big day...
Frantz Photography communicated clearly before our wedding day.
Packages and pricing were easy to understand.
I wanted the next package up, but pricing held us back.
Frantz Photography's website is clean and professional in appearance.
I followed Frantz Photography on social media.
We chose Frantz Photography because they fit our budget.
I had unanswered questions before our wedding day.
On our wedding day... *
On our wedding day...
Joseph & Ashley were appropriately or professionally dressed.
Frantz Photography arrived early, and stayed late.
They helped our wedding day go as smoothly, and stressfree as possible.
I wish we had more coverage on our wedding day.
After our wedding... *
After our wedding...
Frantz Photography communicated clearly when we could expect our photographs.
We received our preview and full galleries within 4-6 weeks.
I wanted a print album, it just wasn't in our budget.
Our Pass Gallery is user-friendly, and easy to operate.
I wanted more tangible goods, like prints, canvases, or an album.
I would order prints from Frantz Photography, but it's much cheaper somewhere else.
I want to continue using Frantz Photography for future photography sessions.
I will be recommending Joseph & Ashley to my engaged friends and family!
I hate surveys.
Is there anything you think we could do differently? Or better?